Entrepreneurship. A Strategic Pillar Under The HCT 4.0 Strategic Plan

7 months

In view of the vision of the UAE’s wise leadership, and the HCT new future role, the HCT 4.0 strategic plan was launched. One of the pillars of HCT 4.0 is “Graduating Companies and Entrepreneurs”, which is a novel milestone that empowers youth to create their own future and contribute effectively to economic development.

The Higher Colleges of Technology has taken many steps in support of entrepreneurship represented in offering innovation courses and equipping students with the necessary skills to establish small and medium enterprises, as well as encouraging the implementation of student projects, especially those utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and meeting industry needs. Furthermore, the HCT organized competitions for showcasing innovative projects and ideas. In March 2018, the HCT launched the “LEQA” Forum initiative, where students hear from the UAE’s leading entrepreneurs and innovators on how to be successful in the 21st globalized economy. Eight forums have been hosted thus far, which have made a positive impact on students, inspiring them to think seriously of establishing their own businesses while still in college.

We believe that entrepreneurship is not limited to students enrolled in the entrepreneurship program. Rather, each student who has an innovative idea worthy of incubation can turn it into an economically feasible product or service.


Dr. Aysha Abdalla

Executive Dean, Faculty of Business

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