RKW Hosts Over 400 High Schoolers for Campus Open House

1 year

The HCT-RAK Women’s campus (RKW) hosted female Ras Al Khaimah secondary schools for a full one week in late February 2019, for its HCT Campus Open House, which saw over 422 students attended sessions to help them with their applications to enter the various programs.

The program aims to explain the importance of the college application process and to ensure that all High school students are aware of when and how to apply for admission to institutions of higher education in the UAE.

During the program, college representatives provided general advice and counselling about higher education opportunities; guided students how to enroll in higher education institutions and explained the admissions and registration procedures. At the same time, the HCT RAK campuses had a chance to inform prospective students about their institutional policies, programmes, academic and social activities and future employment.

Ras Al Khaimah campuses highlighted the colleges’ commitment to cooperate and work closely with the students by carrying out joint programmes and initiatives that help improve the educational process and guarantee its success. They also pointed to the importance of the NAPO Joint School Visit Program in raising students’ academic awareness and introducing them to the wide range of opportunities available to them.

On the sidelines of the program, the RAK campuses organized a Program fair to showcase the various majors available in Business, Applied Communication, Engineering Technology Science, Computer Information Science, and TSP.

NTWASAL – HCT Campus Open House RKW 2 NTWASAL – HCT Campus Open House RKW 3

NTWASAL – HCT Campus Open House RKW 4 NTWASAL – HCT Campus Open House RKW 5