Success, Achievements & Ambition – HCT’s Taekwondo-ing Student Champ Shares Her Inner Motivations

1 year

Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) student Maryam Alzarooni is not only knocking them over in her Electrical Engineering studies, but she is a highly successful Taekwondo competitor who represents the UAE.

Maryam shares her own thoughts in this inspirational  journey, telling how she balances being a top athlete within the UAE with her studies.

‘Taekwondo is a very intense but enjoyable sport; it requires commitment and discipline. To become successful in both Taekwondo and my studies I have managed my time by setting my college schedule only within the morning. which allows time for me to attend the college gym daily, where I work on improving my overall fitness. In the evenings I to go to Taekwondo club training with my team. Planning enables me to succeed with both my studies and my sport.

Within Taekwondo I have received and won the following:

  • Winner of 5 medals and a trophy one gold, three silvers, one bronze (November 2017)
  • Gold medal in Poomsae Taekwondo (March 2018)
  • The president’s cup gold medalist (May 2018)

Part of my role within Taekwondo is also being a referee. To become a referee, I had to attend many training seminars; this took three months before I could officially referee a match.

Moreover, I have also ensured I have succeeded within my college studies and last academic year I was awarded ‘The Best Graduation Project’ in Health Science, 2017.

This academic year I am working hard within the college, and I am always striving for the best grades. With this, I am also training for upcoming competitions with my team. Our next tournament will take place in November. Additional to that getting ready for next year’s world championship that will take place in Fujairah. Believing that 2019 will be the beginning of my journey to world championships outside the country to proceed with the dream of being the first UAE Olympic gold medalist.

“Being an inspiration to others is part of my life goals and to help them to stay motivated and succeed … Born to be the universe, not just a star.”