RKW Students Get Creative With Innovative Origami Workshop

1 year

The HCT-RAK Women’s campus’s (RKW) reception was filled with color and laughter, on February 26, as students and staff joined together to create delicate paper sculptures of butterflies, hearts, and flowers, and much more.

The event, entitled “Origiami Workshop”, was hosted by the Hewayaty Club and Happiness Club, in coordination with the library, and is the second event this semester organized together by the three groups.

Origami is a Japanese art of paper folding (without glue or scissors) and comes from  ‘Ori’ (folding), and ‘gami’ (paper). The art form started in the times of the Samurai, when there was little paper available, and it was too expensive for poor people to buy or use. The purpose of origami was to exchange gifts between Samurai for good luck. The gift was called Noshi Noshi and was comprised of a piece of folded paper with a strip of dried fish or meat.

Another interesting fact about origami is that the paper design changed depending on the season.

It was a pleasure for the campus to be part of this event, in collaboration with the Happiness Club and the library. The event looked beautiful and the intricate paper sculptures made by the Executive Director Dr Yahya Al Ansaari, students, and staff were very impressive.

It was a joy to see the college community having so much fun and the seeing the big smiles on their faces. The club hopes to follow the success of this event in the upcoming few months and continue to help spread joy, happiness, and the collegial spirit in RAK.

Happiness & Hewayaty Clubs Origami Workshop 2

Happiness & Hewayaty Clubs Origami Workshop 3