HCT Al Dhafra Students Welcome Taleb Obaid For His First Week at Campuses

1 year

Mr. Taleb Obaid, Al Dhafra campuses Director, started his first week at the campuses with a friendly meeting with all students of both Madinat Zayed and Al Ruwais Campuses. This introductory, friendly, and inspiring meeting was a great introduction to the new management.

The meeting kicked off with Mr. Taleb, thanking Dr. Hashim Al Zaabi. Current Executive Director of Dubai Campuses, and the previous Director of Al Dhafra campuses. He also welcomed the new and returning students and wished them a productive and successful semester.




Mr. Taleb assured all students that their success is HCT’s main goal and that his doors are always open for their suggestions or concerns. Mr. Taleb stressed that the HCT gives top priority to students, aiming to equip students with personal and leadership skills, as well as effective communication skills in order to enable them to make positive changes. He also emphasized the importance of the roles of the student in the community.

The Higher Colleges of Technology has a very strong relationship with business, industry and government and all our academic programmes are professionally relevant and closely aligned with the region’s industry needs.

Mr. Taleb emphasized that it is important for us to remember that we should view discipline in the context of the college as well as in the wider context of education. Discipline in the context of quality education should mean more than rules and control. We do not want our students to behave only when they closely monitored and threatened by the punishment imposed. We want to educate them so that our students are able to think critically, to analyze the situations, to solve problems and make appropriate decisions on the action to take.

He also emphasized on Academic success as well as the commitment and disicplin, both inside the college and whenever representing HCT outside the college. This includes volunteering, work placement, and actual employment. He addressed some important topics, such as understanding the importance of maintaining one’s GPA and the attendance policy. He also explained the definition of various terms like Academic probation, P1, P2 etc. He advised the students to follow the recommendations of their advisors

Furthermore, Mr. Taleb reminded students of the important role they play in the success of their educational journey. He reiterated the importance of open communication between all college stakeholders and encouraged the students to discuss their academic issues transparently with their advisors and faculty members. He also assured the students that “At-risk” and Foundations students will be aided by a smooth transition from general education to higher education.

Mr. Taleb also announced that Academic Success Center (ASC) will be opened soon in Al Dhafra Campuses. ASC offers additional academic support to students outside of class time, as well as offers tutorials, study groups, self-access and guidance on academic progress to students.

“All our students are urged to take full advantage of the opportunities that HCT offer to enhance their learning experience, and to support and enrich their future career paths. We are all here to learn and achieve, and while much of the students’ time will be spent striving for academic excellence, an equally important part of education is to broaden their horizons and develop the human understanding that they, as future leaders, will need to acquire.” Mr. Taleb Said.