AAW Faculty of Business Wraps Up UAE Innovation Month with Poster Competitions

1 year

The Al Ain Women’s (AAW) Faculty of Business’s Human Resource and Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Accounting majors osted the final events of February’s UAE Innovation Month on February 28.

The first event, organized by Rashid Ashraf and Omar Badran, was a poster competition involving 25 poster entries showcasing multiple topics on Business Management with a focus on innovation. Three external evaluators kindly volunteered their time to examine all entries and declared four winning entries encompassing diverse topics:

  • Innovation – Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Human Resources
  • Grameen – Banking for the poor
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Workplace 6 personalities

A survey taken during the event from 45 visitors, faculty, students and others, indicated a high rate of satisfaction with the event.

The second event was a poster presentation and display and was organized by Tridib Chatterji. The event involved a further 25 posters from students enrolled in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship course at AAW. The theme for this event was “Innovative Business Ideas” and once again, the submissions included a range of diverse business ideas such as an innovative fire smoke system, a stationary bicycle that serves a dual purpose as a washing machine, a medical pill organizer and many others.

“We are delighted at the level of student involvement in these last and final events of the UAE Innovation Month at AAW and very pleased at the caliber of posters both in the poster competition event and the innovative business idea poster event,” Dr. Khwaja Mansoor Khan, AA Business Chair, said.

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