AAW Celebrates & Thanks Those Special Women in Our Lives On Mother’s Day

1 year

In a busy week of happy and joyful celebrations, the HCT-Al Ain Women’s (AAW) community celebrated one of the most important days of the year on March 21, 2019 – Mother’s Day.

The celebration included handing out a lovely array of Mother’s Day gifts to all mothers at the campus, to help pamper themselves and for them to enjoy the special day.

Students were enjoying the day as well, where a section of plant seedlings were put together with some ribbons and blank notes for students to create their hand-made gifts for their mothers and loved ones.

In a joyful day, full of gratitude, everyone on campus got the chance to celebrate all mothers, while sharing success stories of the strength and willingness of their mothers. This was all done to the melodic backdrop of an oud instrument performance of the most famous mother-themed songs.

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