AAW AET Students Discover New UAV Software at XFLR5 Workshop

1 year

The Aeronautical Engineering Technology program (AET) at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) conducted a valuable workshop entitled “Aerodynamic and Stability Analysis for Fixed Wing UAV using XFLR5 Software”.

The workshop was attended by the elite 10 students from the Aeronautical Engineering department in addition to 2 lab engineers.

The presentation of the workshop contained a guided tour of the software and how it works starting from the aerodynamic analysis for a 2D airfoil, down to the stability and control analysis of small fixed-wing airplane. It also contained a comparison between the software results and NASA results to demonstrate the reliability and creditability of the software.

In addition, Eng. Rafat Al Nouti, the workshop presenter, showed the abilities of this software and the various fields in which it can be used by our students. He also discussed a range of successful designs done by himself and by others who have a strong passion in aeronautical science.

The students were amazed by the software ability and they expressed their desire to participate in another more detailed workshop to become more familiar and to gain a professional experience with handling such software. They also informed that it would be excellent to include this software in some courses of the AET Program.

Eng. Rafat Al Nouti confirmed that using modeling and simulation to test and evaluate the design will make a clear vision with the least time and effort wasted and further will enhance the students’ skills by developing their critical thinking.

“I hope to see the Aeronautical Engineering students make high-level projects using this software which can be matched with the industry and the market requirements,” he said.

“As mentioned during the latest HCT conference this is the perfect time to apply the principles of the year of simulation,” he added.

Eng. Youssef Matter, UAV Club coordinator, said the workshop would make a quantum leap in the quality of students’ performance. He also added that his team are going to use this software to add a value to their projects especially in the competitions which they will join in the future.

AAW Engineering students who were not able to participate requested for a similar workshop and wanted to take part in all related activities as they heard from their colleagues how interesting and rich-of-information it was.