AAM Reinforces 4th Industrial Revolution Importance With IoT

1 year

The HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus’s (AAM) Faculty of Computer Information Science (CIS) hosted a seminar on “Internet of Things (IoT) Revolutionizing Many Industries”, as part of its Innovative Inaugural Seminar & Workshop series related to the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The AAM CIS students and faculty attended the event and faculty member Dr. Muhammad Adnan presented latest applications areas of IoT including smart learning, smart healthcare, smart cities, manufacturing industries, and agriculture. The students were introduced about how IoT is transforming these areas towards the 4th Industrial Revolution in the UAE. The seminar featured a demonstration of IoT devices and their development environment.

The seminar also provided a platform for students to brainstorm about capstone projects involving IoT devices and their potential applications, with a detailed Q&A session. The students also participated in a short quiz about IoT devices at the end of the seminar by using Kahoot play.

The students highly appreciated the efforts of the Faculty of CIS to organize such interesting and fascinating seminars regarding the 4th industrial Revolution.