AAM Helps Students With ADHD To Manage Symptoms

1 year

Al Ain Men’s (AAM) Senior Counsellor, Mr. Sabri Almansi offered effective tips as solutions to manage students suffering from attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at a helpful workshop.

“Such symptoms in students bring trouble for the faculty members as well. They often fail dealing with these situations especially if genuine steps are ignored,” he says. The symptoms can be in anybody, regardless of gender or age.

ADHD is a persistent disorder characterized through numerous related factors–especially impulsiveness and over activity being commonest of symptoms that need instant solution.

Mr. Sabri suggests that approaching mental health clinics to obtain viable solution of such problems is crucial to suppress the cases timely and to avoid the worst affects in students. He further advises for behavioral interventions contingency management, therapy balls, self-monitoring and peer monitoring etc as effective solutions.

“Exclusive interventions suit for behavioral manifestation of disorders like off-task behavior in which students feel uneasiness and resultantly fail in maintaining concentration. Academic interventions are class-wide peer tutoring, instructional modification and computer-assisted instructions to control such situations,” he said.

Such measures compensate for the academic deficits caused by ADHD, such as unsatisfactory academic performance, lacking in the task completion and lower levels of accuracy.

Mr.Sabri said fundamental elements of behavior therapies applied are reinforcing positive behavior by discouraging all negative feels. In addition, self-monitoring solutions also help students to improve conditions, so are impressive peer monitoring that involves training students to monitor each other’s behavior to reinforce positive attitude. He added that Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) is a modern tool designed to guide ADHD sufferers effectively.

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