RKM Success Center Hosts Informative Workshops for Foundations Students

1 year

The initiative “Workshops for Students by Students” kicked off officially in the HCT-RAK Men’s campus (RKM) Success Center with RKM Engineering student Hamad Mohammed Almulah delivering an hour-long presentation to Level-1 Foundations students entitled How to Succeed in Foundations.

Hamad started his academic pursuit at HCT as a Level-1 Foundations student and worked his way up to Level-4 Foundations. After working hard in his classes, putting in extra study in the library and the Success Center, Hamad earned entry into the Bachelor of Engineering program in the fall 2018/2019 semester.

His presentation addressed his approach to succeeding in Foundations, successful study habits that worked for him, and an overall message that hard work will pay off.

For many Level-1 students, the struggle is getting from Level 1 to Level 2. Those who do so create momentum and hopefully, eventually wind up in Level 4 with a solid chance of entering the Bachelors program like Hamad.

The RKM Success Center hopes to offer several more workshops for students by students throughout the semester.

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