Pump It Up … HCT Engineering Students Develop Tire Inflator For Drivers’ Safety

2 years

A group of innovative Mechanical Engineering students at the HCT-Al Ain Men’s campus (AAM) have devised a clever way to improve driver safety by creating their “smart tire inflator” project.

Khaled Al Dhaheri, Mohammed Al Nuaimi and Ghanem Al Ahbabi, designed this graduation project, which is a device that reads car tire needs, such as air pressure and inflating tires. The concept is based on the need to have tire manufacture companies add information about tire pressure in the tire chip so as to facilitate data reading by the device designed by these students.

Khaled Al Dhaheri noted the importance of filling tires with the correct amount of air, as under-inflation or over-inflation are dangerous for drivers, causing loss of control and possible traffic accidents.

The project team won an award in the best student project competition for HCT Engineering programs, and was also selected among the best projects in the Mechanical Engineering Department.