Al Dhafra Campuses’ Staff Enjoy Workshop Reiterating HCT’s Strategic Goals

1 year

The management, faculty and staff members of the HCT Madinat Zayed and Ruwais campuses gathered for a workshop held with Mr. Taleb Obaid, Al Dhafra Campuses Director, to draw the guidelines towards achieving the strategic goals of HCT in its Al Dhafra campuses.

The workshop started with a welcoming address from Mr. Taleb Obaid, where he thanked the current management for their hard work and dedication to the success of the campuses during the 2017-18 academic year.





“Al Dhafra Campuses had great success in 2017-2018, thanks to your hard teamwork and dedication towards the needs of our students, and placing their academic and behavioral success on the top of your priorities,“ Mr. Taleb Said.

Mr. Taleb also summarized the accomplishments of the previous academic year and shed light on the preparations for the new semester, which included enhancement of HCT stakeholders input, improvement of college facilities, student discipline, student’s activities, staff & faculty commitment and HCT community engagement.




He then explained the concept of Stakeholder input “It is necessity for ensuring that academic programs are meeting the expectations of current and future students, graduates (alumni) and present and potential employers,” Mr. Taleb said.

Mr. Taleb also pointed to the importance of effective classroom management where effective teaching and learning cannot take place in a poorly managed classroom. He emphasized the utilization of various tools and resources available to the students on HCT portal for monitoring and tracking their academic progress and to ensure on time graduation.

he stressed on the impact of employee discipline on the college development and growth: “Being a team player who takes on more than the job description is a key to being a great employee and showing value. Don’t wait to be asked, be motivated to seek out challenges, propose ideas. The best employees are not passive; they take initiative and run with things,” he said.

Mr. Taleb referred to community engagement, where it goes well beyond Services, conventional outreach, and even most conceptions of public service and referred to Academic Advising, as it is an important part of campus life. Through academic advising, students learn to become members of the campus community, to prepare themselves for their roles and responsibilities as students, and to promote success in their lives. Academic advising treats all students individually, so that each student can enter, move through, and leave the campus knowing that help and advice is always available for them.

He urged the campus supervisors to work on providing what is needed to ensure the convenience of and support for the students.

The workshop then continued with input and suggestions from different staff and faculty on the means to achieve all goals discussed. It concluded with a lucky draw, where amazing gifts were purchased form Zayed Humanitarian Centre. All gifts were handmade and customized for HCT staff, incorporating the Year of Tolerance theme.