AAW’s Business Students Get Inspired with Visit to Al Ain Municipality’s Innovation Event

1 year

Innovation and Entrepreneurship course students from the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) got first-hand inspiration for their course material when they visited the Al Ain Municipality’s Innovation event on February 4, 2019.

The students, who are enrolled in majors as diverse as Aeronautical Engineering, Accounting, Education and Information Technology, were accompanied by their instructors Tridib Chatterji and Ms. Shazia Asif.

The event had four exciting and informative speakers, including Dr. Khawla Al Kaabi from the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), who spoke about the new urbanization trends around the world and their roles in enhancing communication and innovation among members of society. Additionally, the event showcased innovative projects and products developed by the local community in areas such as drone usage, photography, education and health.

The students are currently enrolled in the Stanford University-created Innovation and Entrepreneurship course, run by the AAW Faculty of Business, which teaches innovative problem-solving through the application of design thinking principles. One of their projects is an opportunity analysis project in which they conceptualize an original product from the design to the prototype phases.

The Al Ain Municipality event was particularly relevant for students in that it allowed them to see the depth and breadth of ideas already in development locally. Sara Khamis, a 2nd year Aeronautical Engineering student, mentioned that she would like to actually participate in the event next year to showcase her innovative product.

“This is an exciting event from a student point-of-view as it broadens their experience in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship, and we encourage all of our students to attend such events,” Dr. Khwaja Mansoor Khan, AAW Chair of Business, said.

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