Time to Shine … RKW Foundations Launch “Hewayaty Corner”

2 years

The HCT-RAK Women’s campus’s (RKW) Foundations team hosted “Hewayaty Corner” on 13th January 2019, with the aim of showing the actual meaning of hobbies and the real joy of life.

The initiative aimed to encourage students to show their talents, sharing with the students the hobbies that are unique to people, encouraging them to have combination of different activities in their lives rather than using electronic games and in door activities. Also, the corner aimed at welcoming all faculty and staff after the break for a good refreshment, and to start the semester with a joyful and positive energy.

The Hewayaty corner is considered as a relaxation corner for students, where they can color, solve puzzles and learn about other activities.

“To me I see this corner as a place where I can express my hobbies and interests with others which will improve my communication skills and make me spend a joyful time. I really believe that these types of activities help students to relax which will cause a good impact on their concentration in class,” Malak Habeeb said.

“It is a great chance and amazing experience to share part of our hobbies with the students and staff. It made me feel closer to some colleagues because we had common hobbies; we could socialize more and start the semester positively,” Malak added.

Hewayaty Corner RKW 1

Hewayaty Corner RKW 2

Hewayaty Corner RKW 4

Hewayaty Corner RKW 5

Hewayaty Corner RKW 6

Hewayaty Corner RKW 7

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