SJW Students Showcase Innovations at Knowledge Summit 2018

1 year

HCT-Sharjah Women’s (SJW) students from Innovation & Entrepreneurship course mentored and coached by Dr Abdul Ghafar were shortlisted by Knowledge Summit 2018 organizers to exhibit their innovative project “Multi Collision Prevention during Fog”.

Students were ecstatic to have their project shortlisted out of 7 projects submitted to Knowledge Summit 2018 and grabbed this opportunity with both hands to showcase their project to a number of industry experts visited Summit.

Auhood, Mira, Fatima and Hamdah were very engaging in explaining the benefits and operational process of their innovation. Their working prototype received a lot of appreciation from the visitors and also helped them to gain insights on making some fine improvements.

Their participation in this government summit has been a reflection of an extent to which UAE government is investing and empowering youth in fostering knowledge economy.

Auhood and Mira highly acknowledge the efforts and guidance provided by their teacher, Dr Abdul Ghafar that helped them to boost their confidence and states: “This opportunity has given the sense of satisfaction and ownership of their work by presenting to the wider community”. Fatima also mentioned that “participating in such events gives a lot of confidence to students that can only be gained by going through the process of demonstrating and seeking feedback”.

Confidence and encouragement gained from this event enable this group of students to participate in 4th International Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition organized by the University of Sharjah.

Students were also featured in the Khaleej Times newspaper as well as Shoof AlBayan. Moreover, attending various sessions related to youth empowerment, innovation and knowledge sharing inspired students to reinvigorate their future directions.

Ms Malini Nair (Business Faculty and Co-founder of SBI Club at SJW) also attended the Summit along with students, equally echoes the values and importance of such opportunities purely for the sake of students’ personal and professional growth. Innovation Club.