SJM Mechanical Engineering Students Visit DUCAB in Jebel Ali

1 year

A group of Mechanical Engineering students from the HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) got out of the classroom and visited the Dubai Cable (DUCAB) facility in Jebel Ali, where they were able to broaden their experiential learning experiences.

DUCAB is one of the world’s most technologically advanced cable manufacturing companies which manufactures a wide range of cables including low, medium, and voltage cables.

The SJM students, from the EMC 2033 (Manufacturing Technology) courses, were accompanied by their course instructor, Mr. Mazhar Azeem, and Lab Instructor, Mr. Elston Dcruz, and were in high spirits at the thought of strengthening their course knowledge ‘in the field.’

The visit started with a safety briefing and a presentation on DUCAB’s history, products, and contributions to UAE economic development. The presentations were followed by a tour of several workshops dedicated to the manufacturing of low, medium, and high voltage cables using extrusion, drawing, and stranding processes.

Saeed Ahmed and Mohammed Mahdi, both semester-5 students, said: “It made us proud to learn about DUCAB’s history and being a UAE company, the vital role it plays in country’s economy. It was a great trip as it helped us to see the actual extrusion and drawing processes.”

Mohammed Ghuloum, also semester-5 students, commented: “It was a very useful trip and we learned a lot from the information provided through presentations. Before the visit, we thought DUCAB is only about cable manufacturing, but after the visit, we learned that they not only manufacture cables but are also one of the largest producer of Copper and Aluminum rods.”

Students and their instructors expressed their gratitude to DUCAB management and staff for the guided tour of the facility and also for providing an exceptional opportunity to learn from real life manufacturing examples.