SJM Foundations Students Get in Sports Mode to Celebrate UAE National Day

1 year

In commemoration of the 47th UAE National Day, the Foundations Department at the HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM), in conjunction with the Student Life department and Sports department, and with the help of the HCT Student Council, organized a sports day for all the Foundations students.

The aim of the event was team building, student engagement, and having some fun, which was well-received by the eager students. All Foundations teachers were there to help out and participate in the various events. Instructors from other divisions also visited the venue to show their support.

The instructors were eager to participate as it is shown in studies that activities, such as sports days, are great ways to establish a rapport and form a bond with the students. The weather was particularly cooperative and the temperature was perfect.  Water and other refreshments were freely available to keep everybody fresh and fully hydrated for the activities.

The events consisted of football, ring tossing, relay races, tug of war, an obstacle race, and sack races. With such an array of holistic and inclusive activities, there was something for everybody.  The football pitch was perfect for all these activities as there was a lot of space and the grass provided a soft natural surface.

It was an incredibly fun way to approach the end of the academic cycle. The final activity was an enthusiastic friendly football match between the students and the instructors.

At the end of the Sports Day event, there were delicious snacks to replenish the students who had worked so hard in the various competitions. In addition, there were trophies for the students as a souvenir of this important day.