RKW Students Go Back In Time With Visit To Dhaya Fort & Sheikh Zayed Heritage Village

2 years

On 23 January 2019, the Level 3 students at Ras Al Khaimah Women’s campus (RKW) attended a field trip to Dhayah Fort and the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Village in Rams, Ras Al Khaimah.

Around 50 students, accompanied by their teachers, Dale Whitlock, Eva Jay, Fiona Hartley and Kyra Martin, and HCT staff Tahreer Al Naqbi, hiked up to the rugged 16th-century fort, which was once used as a military tower and is now a main historical site in the city.

The Rams area has been settled for three millennia, and the fort itself played a major role in the resistance against the British invasion in the early 20th century and the signing of the General Maritime Treaty of 1920. Atop the well-preserved fort, the students soaked up the historical atmosphere and enjoyed the picturesque vistas over the mangroves, the sea and the coastal areas, the neighboring farms and date plantations, the local residential and industrial areas, and the sweeping plains of a ghaf forest that make way to the rising hills of the Hajar Mountains.

Upon their descent, the students went on to explore historical treasures at the nearby Sheikh Zayed Heritage Village. General Saeed Lehha AlShehhi, a local military man, took it upon himself to build the village to preserve and showcase the different aspects of the local history: weaponry, crafts, historical documents, traditional costumes and jewellery, together with his personal collection of fascinating artifacts that he has received from dignitaries on his international tours with the military. The village comprises a number of traditional buildings that introduce the traditional designs of local homes and their interiors. The students eagerly listened to Gen. Saeed’s commentary along the tour of the village and completed a quiz on the information they heard as well as some general knowledge questions about RAK and the UAE.

The students and teachers departed with new experiences and commemorative coffee mugs of Sheikh Zayed and the heritage village which they received as a souvenir. The trip was a pleasant and successful excursion that tied in perfectly with the topic of history currently being covered in class. It allowed the students to expand their knowledge about the local history and to spend time with their peers and teachers outside the classroom, which will no doubt increase their motivation for class work in the rest of the cycle, and provide them with information to draw upon in their future studies.


Zayed Heritage Village -field trip RKW 4

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Zayed Heritage Village -field trip RKW 2

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