RKM Library Team WOW Students With Warm Welcome

2 years

The HCT-Ras Al Khaimah Men’s Campus Library (RKM) hosts a festival of activi­ties at the beginning of each semester known as the Weeks of Welcome (WOW).

This semester, RKM library organized this initiative by setting up a WOW table in the library’s lobby and welcoming new and returning students with activities, workshops and giveaways.

The major goal of WOW is connecting students to library staff, resources and services. As the library is more than just a place for studying or becoming information literate, it is a crucial element in fostering a broad-based and positive student experience.

WOW provides the library an opportunity to engage with new and returning students before coursework fully begin, a time when energy is high and minds are open. We channel the excitement of the new academic year into a fun outreach effort.