HCT-Al Dhafra Students Share College Experiences & Success With Local High-Schoolers

2 years

The HCT Madinat Zayed and Ruwais outreach activities kicked off on the 27th Jan 2019 by participating in the “High School Counceling Days” arranged by the Ministry of Education in Al Mirfa Schools.

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More than 400 male students from all schools in Al Dhafra region attended the first day in Al Nokhba School. They were very keen to learn more about HCT admission criteria, and the different majors offered by HCT Al Dhafra campuses. This was following by a Q&A session where all students’ concerns and doubts were cleared regarding the admission and majors.

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HCT Al Dhafra was not done by the end of the presentation, as our students wanted to give the potential students a feeling of what to expect when they join HCT Al Dhafra. Alia Abdullah Al Mazrooei and Latifa Ali Al Mansoori. Current students of HCT Madinat Zayed Campus and the Winners of the second place in the Himmatcom competition, which was organized by Al Dhafra Municipality for their project on smart gates. They gave a brief to the high school students on their study in HCT, how they decided to participate in the competition, the support they received, the challenges they faced, and the plans they have for their winning project.

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The second day was no less successful than the first day. More than 400 female students attended in Al Shumookh School in Mirfa’. The high school students were introduced to the majors and admission criteria. Followed by a very motivational presentation by Ruwais Engineering student Sara Sanad Al Mazrooei. Who was one of the team members who won the first prize on the Think Science Competition 2018.


Sara shared her experience with HCT from day one until the moment were she is expected to graduate by the end of the current semester. She highlighted the change which happened to her personality since she joined HCT. She explained how she gained confidence, communication skills, in addition to the excellent education and support from her supervisors and tutors. At the end of the session, Sara helped answering high school students questions related to her major.

Those two days marked the start of Outreach activities in Al Dhafra campuses which usually continue during February and March.



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