HCT-Al Dhafra Campuses Host Job Enrichment & Career Progression Workshop

2 years


The Student Careers Department at HCT-Al Dhafra Campuses (Ruwais Women’s and Madinat Zayed Women’s campuses) organized a workshop on “Job Enrichment and Career Progression” for alumni and the senior students from Engineering and Business Divisions. The purpose of the program was to provide an opportunity for graduating students and alumni to get training in job search and techniques to sustain new jobs in line with the competitive job market.

As part of the workshop, the following topics were discussed:

  • Identify the essential traits of being effective at work
  • Discuss workplace ethics
  • Work-life balance
  • Describe proper workplace attire, hygiene and etiquette
  • Understanding of chain of command and managing the positive relationship with boss
  • Discuss cross-cultural business etiquette


The workshop was designed, developed and delivered by Dr. AbdulQuddus Mohamed, Assistant Professor in Business Division (HR Program). During the workshop he emphasized that HCT graduates should be prepared to face the competitive job market by attaining the required soft skills in communication, workplace ethics, work-life balance, workplace etiquette and cross cultural communication, that will not only help them in to attaining new jobs but also to sustain and progress in their careers.

It was attended by 46 students from both female campuses with great interest and enthusiasm. The program received very good feedback from students. Some of the compliments from the students are:

“It was a great opportunity to refresh myself on how to have a balanced life, setting goals, and to be able to enjoy the life at work.” Mariam Mohammed Al Mazrouei, Bachelor in Business Administration Graduate, MZWC

“What I like most about the workshop was easily understood and clearly presented.” Hessa Naser Al Mazrouei, 3rd Year Engineering Student, MZWC

The workshop changed my understanding of the workplace and provided important information for me to be successful in all I do.”- Lateefa Al Mazrouie, Senior Engineering Student, RUWC.          

I learned important skills to manage stress and time at the workplace and improving communication skills and relations with the other employees.”- Ayesha Hasan Al Mazrouie, Senior Engineering Student, RUWC.

 “I learned how to build essential skill and understood the importance of power dynamics and also how to manage time, thank you because this workshop was perfect.” Sheikha Rashid Al-Falahi, Senior Engineering Student, RUWC.

The HCT Graduate Passport Program is a unique, series of workshops that is offered at the Dhafra campuses. It is a comprehensive training program proposed by Dr. AbdulQuddus in collaboration with the Student Careers for the HCT graduating students and Alumni, to prepare to face the job market confidently with the required employability skills in line with 21st century skills framework and bridge the skill gap between UAE labor market demands and HCT graduate attributes.

As part of this program, some of the previous workshops were on Job Search Techniques, Mastering Interview Skills, Student Leadership Development Program, Communication Skills for the workplace. The workshops on Entrepreneurial Skills and Developing Business Plans, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Time Management and Working Smartly are scheduled in the current semester Spring 2019.

The Student Careers and Dr. AbdulQuddus are grateful to Dr. Hashim Al Zaabi and Dr. Taleb Obaid (former and current Directors of the Al Dhafra Campuses) for the overwhelming support and guidance in making the program a great success. Many thanks to Dr. Tarig Faisal, Dean of Academic Operations, Al Dhafra Campuses, for the valuable guidance, and encouragement to organize the program.