ADM Welcomes New Students at Spring Semester “Almoltaqa” Orientation

1 year

The HCT-Abu Dhabi Men’s campus (ADM) opened its doors on January 9, 2019 to approximately 200 new students, as it welcomed them to the spring semester orientation and a new calendar year.

After the winter break, the campus again came alive to sound of excited student voices, as they were introduced to ADM campus life by the management team, academic staff and facilities members, all led by HCT-Abu Dhabi campuses Executive Director, Dr. Aisha Abushelaibi.

The students, both direct entry and Foundations level students, were given a warm introduction to the study choices and routines by the campus’s Program Chairs from Applied Media, Business, CIS, & Engineering, as well as by the Foundations team.

The new students were given guided tours of the campus and its facilities, which included the all-important student support departments of Student Services, Academic Services, Counseling and IT.

Dr. Aisha Abushelaibi welcomed the cohort of new students and urged them to work diligently on their studies, to enjoy campus life and also to always seek assistance from the helpful ADM faculty and staff.

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