AAW CIS Students Present Innovative Research Topics at Capstone Projects Day

1 year

The HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) hosted its Computer Information Science (CIS) Student Research and Capstone Day, on December 4, 2018, where students were able to showcase their range of innovative projects, which will help society in a range of fields.

Ms. Hamsa Saleh, Executive Director of the HCT’s Al Ain campuses, and Dr. Nasser Nassiri, CIS Associate Dean, opened the day. Mrs. Hamsa greeted the students and commended the students’ and faculties’ efforts to promote research and innovation through research and capstone projects.

Mrs. Hamsa emphasized that such events are important to motivate students for nurturing the innovative ideas and research on various emerging research topics.

Dr. Nasser Nassiri appreciated the students’ projects and the efforts by their advisors, Dr. Maher Salem and Dr. Ali Rodan.  He commended the innovative ideas targeting privacy protection application; secure transactions using Blockchain; and a virtual map of the AAW campus which are the highly-needed solutions.

The project titled “Virtual Campus Map” presents an orientation for the incoming students about the campus and all its facilities and labs. It provides the most necessary information for all new students even before they join the college.

On the other hand, the collaborative project “Digital crime awareness App” with the Digital Crime Department in Abu Dhabi Police is a state-of-the-art security awareness application that regularly notifies the users (parents, children, adults) about safety and protection  from different kinds of threats.

The project “CCTV Installation Process, using Blockchain Technology” demonstrates the usage of Blockchain technology in installing a CCTV camera for the Police department. It showcases the entire process to use Blockchain for secured transactions.

As part of the Blockchain themed presentations, one team developed a secure web-based system for placing online orders with a local coffee shop. Another team developed a secure online event booking system for the Tawam Hospital in Al Ain.

Considering the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the current era, Dr. Kefaya Qaddoum did an amazing job by instilling AI-related curiosity in the students and presenting them various avenues of potential research. Her talk sparked students’ interest in AI, resulting in many interesting questions.

At the conclusion, Dr. Yasir Javed, CIS Chair at AAW, who was also supervisor for the Capstone project course, thanked Mrs. Hamsa Saleh and Dr. Nasser Nassiri for gracing the event with their presence and motivating the students.

He added that all the research and capstone projects were of very high quality and significant standards which shows a high level commitment and dedication of the students and the professional supervision from their advisors.

The CIS faculty at AAW are very proud that all projects have been developed based on an industrial collaboration and are aimed at solving some real world issues.

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