AAW CIS Faculty Utilize Technology to Engage with Students & Empower Teachers

1 year

The Computer Information Science (CIS) faculty at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) hosted a workshop on a handy technology tool Nearpod, which is designed to assist faculty so that they can impart knowledge to students in the best possible way.

All HCT faculty have access to it and can easily use it in their lectures for students’ engagement and active learning. CIS faculty at AAW used Nearpod during semesters and found that it can significantly improve students’ academic performance.

The workshop was designed so that the CIS faculty could share the benefits of Nearpod with their colleagues and creatively showed them how to use Nearpod in their daily lectures. Faculty from various departments joined the workshop and found it very useful.

Active learning and student engagement are the most important components of students’ learning. The Faculty of Computer information Science (uses the strategy of learning by doing and tries to involve students as much as possible during the learning process.

Dr. Yasir Javed, AAW CIS Chair, who was organizer and presenter of the workshop, encouraged the faculty attending the workshop to use Nearpod for all their lectures whenever possible as it takes very little time to prepare and the results are amazing.