SJW Students Give PD on Insights from HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Majlis

2 years

Students from the HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) have taken the reigns of providing professional learning to their peers and educators by facilitating professional development sessions on campus.

Hanan Ibrahim Al Khoory a Business student and a Social Business Club member, offered a PD session to all the SJW students, with the help of her club mentors Dr.Abdul Ghafar and Ms.Malini Nair.Hanan.

Hanan attended the Mohamed Bin Zayed Majlis for Future Generations at ADNEC in October  and gained some valuable insights from diversified sessions held by industry leaders. Hanan is eager to encourage students to strive for excellence, and empower them with knowledge of the steps they need to achieve it.

Her PD session was entitled ‘Insights from Mohamed Bin Zayed Majlis for future generations’ and was well attended by the SJW students and Business Faculty Dr.Fazli and Dr.Ngat Lim. It contained ideas that were intended to inform students regarding leadership practices, the process of change in the UAE which will entail reflection, analysis, and strategic thinking, and how that thinking could be effectively understood by attending such Majlis.

Hanan said of her experience as a facilitator: “I’ve been excited to see my colleagues ask questions. It’s been a challenge, however, to find ways to answer them. This initiative made me realize how one gains more by sharing knowledge and how to effectively use what we learn by attending events organized by our leaders.”

Reem Qambar who attended the session said these kind of club activities give us a platform where students are excited to share their opinions and they gather information rather quickly when it comes from the peer.

Hessa Humaid another SBI club member, felt these kind of seminars helps us builds relationships.”When our mentors ask us to engage students in their professional learning, PD becomes something we do with students and not just for students. We gain invaluable insights that enable us to use professional development more effectively, and students feel like their opinions are valued.”

“Attending this PD by Hanan inspired me and I plan to conduct a PD myself on Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship with my colleague Ayesha in the last week of November,” she said.

This was a SBI club initiative by the Faculty of Business members.