SJW Business Students Attend ASQ ME Regional Conference

1 year

The 7th Semester Quality Major students from the HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW), who are also the members of the Social and Business Impact club, got hands on experience in their specialty when they attended the ASQ ME Regional conference in Dubai on November 14-15, 2018.

ASQ (American Society for Quality) is a global community of people dedicated to quality, who share the ideas and tools that make our world work better. ASQ provides the quality community with training, professional certifications, and knowledge to a vast network of members of the global quality community.

The two-day event had diverse sessions encompassing the entire gamut of quality and its importance in today’s world which enthralled the students. The fundamentals and role of quality in the digital age was discussedby Mr. Jorge Javier Roman, International Consultant in Business Excellence & Benchmarking, Dubai Police, along with some excellent round table discussions on Quality 4.0 by industry experts from UAE, KSA,UK and the USA.

Students were inspired to participate in Case Competitions and are keen to present on topics like Importance of Innovation in Education.

Ahlam Mohammed said: “It is vital to find out what’s new in your field of study. Academic conferences will keep us updated on new findings that have taken place. This is in fact one of the major reasons why one should attend an academic conference and we truly enjoyed the intriguing sessions and meeting dedicated professionals in the field of Quality which opened our eyes.It is an opportunity to expand out knowledge.”

Amnah Lootah was of the opinion that when one attends an academic conference he or she is sure to meet people of his or her same stature, mindset and goals. “This is a motivational factor as one aspires to overcome fears and achieve one’s dreams of excelling in their field.Meeting new people with different cultures and dispositions enlightens your way of thinking in your field of study. You will witness some of the many different aspects and solutions which exist on the same issues,” she said.

Zainah Mohammed felt that this conference helped her select research on a particular subject easier. “It provided access to various research activities related to a particular subject with current findings and developments anticipated from them. As we progress towards our eighth semester this conference gave us opportunities to look at the various options we have to make our research projects. All the three students said they were extremely grateful to HCT and the Business division in particular for giving them an opportunity to build networks with other academics and experts in the same or similar field of studies all around the world and to share thoughts on recent advances and technological breakthroughs,” Zainab said.

The students were accompanied by SJW Business faculty, mentor and ASQ member Ms.Malini Nair.

This was a strategic and a learning initiative by the Faculty of Business for the students to understand the relevance of attending conferences and progress. Such sessions add value and meaning to academic qualifications and students plan to participate in case study competitions held at the conferences, deliver workshops to actively engage in research which makes their learning experience invaluable.