RKW CIS Faculty Hosts Seminar on Cyber-bullying

1 year

The Faculty of Computer Information Science (CIS) at the HCT-RAK Women’s campus (RKW) hosted a cyber-bullying seminar Barry Lee Cummings, a sought-after speaker, lecturer, trainer and digital strategist who has been helping companies in the Middle East make the most of their digital presence.

Mr. Cummings’ experience with the corporate world in the Middle East keeps him at the cutting edge of the digital environment we now operate in. Having been involved in digital communication for over 10 years, he was frequently involved in conversations with parents who felt overwhelmed at the widening communications gap in technology with their children.

He also saw that as the next generation of digital natives continue to learn and to a certain extent ‘live’ online they do not think about the further reaching ramifications of the content they are posting today. Their mission is to increase he levels of awareness and education around the digital environment so that we can all have open conversations to bridge the gap when it comes to cyber safety and online reputation.

The session was a great success and attended by almost 300 students from both RKM and RKW campuses. Moreover, over 25 staff and faculty attended too. Cummings shed light on the threats of wrong post and tips to have awesome online reputation. The golden rule as per Barry is to have only positive content in your posts.

Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, Executive Director of RKCs, thanked the organizers to organize such a relevant seminar and said, “ We all use the internet in our daily lives and it is important to understand the cyber related challenges.”

The feedback from students and teachers shows that the event was effective and truly made an awareness among all who attended and made them to be vigilant while posting anything in the social media.

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