RKM Launches Pilot Engineering Club

2 years

Based on the interest of the UAE in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and its emphasis on the importance of practical skills as well as the importance of scientific certificates, the HCT-RAK Men’s campus (RKM) Engineering Club and the Extracurricular Activities Committee launched the Engineering Workshop Experts Program.

The program is designed to give the students the theoretical and practical skills on how to operate the mechanical workshop’s machines professionally, leading them to be experts in engineering workshops. It aims to prepare the students to be able to participate in WorldSkills Abu Dhabi next year. Moreover, the Engineering Club wants the students to have the skill of building and manufacturing any idea that comes to their minds outside the academic context.

The club conducted two recent activities, one of which was the leadership and entrepreneurship workshop which was conducted on November 22 and focused on the leadership skills that will help the students manage and guide their teams to the desired destination smoothly and efficiently with confidence and equip them with problem solving abilities. The workshop also tackled the topic of entrepreneurship and the successful criteria on which a person can start, run and grow a business.

On November 27, Eng. Khaled Alattar Chair of the Engineering Club, and Eng. Ahmed Alali, Chair of Extracurricular Activities Committee, gave 10 members of the club an overview of the workshop safety rules and procedures. The students were then introduced to engineering measurements skills and techniques. Also, they were introduced to the different materials in the workshops. After that they learnt how to use the different types of drillers, cutters, benders, grinders and other light tools. In addition, Mr. Azad Parackal, workshop supervisor, gave the students an intensive course on how to operate the milling machine and the lathe turning machine as well.

The students gained a general knowledge on all workshop tools and machines. The next phase of the activities will be the students operating in the workshop by themselves creating and transforming their ideas into reality.