RKM Engineering Students Visit Solar Park & Dubai Solar Decathlon

2 years

The HCT-RAK campuses’ commitment to hybrid learning and improving student learning continues with another valuable field trip to Dubai Solar Decathlon by group of Mechanical and Mechatronics students from the HCT-RAK Men’s campus (RKM).

The students observed the latest solar and clean energy designs and technologies integrated in one live scale housing contrasted by the competing international parties.

Advanced integrated thermal-PV solar panels, voice controlled house kitchen facilities, face recognition systems for advanced house setting and security control, recycled temper-PET structural members, advanced house clean energy heating and cooling systems, environment friendly structural members, aged-people friendly housing designs, gray water recycling systems, smart housing windows, energy saving cooling systems, and many more, all were observed by the students to improve their critical thinking, and think far and beyond in their future selection and work in their senior design projects and classroom projects.

The students met with many national, regional, and international students and industry experts discussed their work in the clean energy technologies and their competing designs.The engineering students observed, discussed and analyzed many new advanced projects and ideas and will reflect in their technical report to their course instructor.