RKM CIS Club Shares Innovative Designs With Wearable Technology Workshop

2 years

As part of the CIS Student Club activities in Ras Al Khaimah Men’s campus (RKM), Dr. Belsam Attallah delivered a Wearable Technology Workshop, entitled “Wearable Technology: Facilitating or Complexing Education” to the students on November 27, 2018.

This workshop discussed the latest wearable devices in the IT industry, which are applied in higher education, and their advantages and limitations. Examples were given on the impacts of applying this technology in certain CIS courses in HCT, which the students found very interesting.

The students greatly enjoyed the information they received and they were interacting all the time. Their feedback on the workshop was very positive, as they were unaware of a number of up-to-date wearable devices, and how wearable computing could enhance students’ learning experience in a considerable number of areas.

The students were comparing the information they received to their current courses, and how wearable technology could be utilized to enhance their achievement and make their learning experience more enjoyable. One of the examples they liked was the possibility of using a virtual reality helmet to go in a virtual tour inside a computer to explore the small components of the hardware items and chipset, e.g. processor, RAM, motherboard…etc. and how the computer is linked to a network.