RAK Campuses Host Inaugural CIS Industry Advisory Committee Meeting

1 year

The Faculty of Computer Information Science (CIS) at the HCT-RAK campuses welcomed Several distinguished IT industry representatives from private and government sectors, when they hosted the inaugural CIS Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting.

Participants represented the RAK Police, RAK E-Government, RAK-Gas, Khalifa Fund, Emirates Properties, Mashreq Bank, UAE Immigration.

The committee discussed different types of tactical matters particularly involving our students employment opportunities and applied research projects in collaboration with HCT. The members also discussed the importance of our students to deploy the most up to date technologies available from the world’s largest and most prominent computing industries to guide them for future employment.

Furthermore, the IAC provided students to showcase their projects and an opportunity to communicate and network with leading industries about their senior projects.

Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, Executive Campus Director of RAK colleges, the management, faculty, staff, students, and alumni also attended the event. All employers showed interest in the student’s projects. They emphasized that our CIS students can expect some of the highest starting salaries and would have excellent job and salary prospects.

The event facilitated and promoted cooperation between RAK colleges and the surrounding IT industry with a focus on developing the right solutions to provide UAE Nationals with the required knowledge, skills, employment opportunities and competencies to become ‘work ready’ upon graduation. The career department also participated by moderating the discussion and summarized the industry recommendations as following:

  • HCT to develop relationship with the industry and set goals
  • Encourage the students to join privet sector
  • Build change management capabilities in the students
  • Enhance the basic knowledge of HCT students about the industry
  • Enhance students soft skills
  • SAP & IQ tests
  • Set a clear plan and early coordination for Workplacment ahead of time with defined objectives, majors and number of required placement
  • Involve the industry in capstone projects to ensure its practicality
  • Industry to identify funding tabs
  • Courses alignment with the industry’s need
  • Best Employer Workplacment award
  • Capstone selection during Workplacment to ensure its practicality

Dr. Khalid Samara, RAK Division Chair of CIS, stated that the event was a great success. “We firmly believe that the knowledge and expertise from industry is extremely important in helping to provide strategy and direction on the requirements for the CIS Faculty and most importantly for the future of our students. All students worked extremely hard. It provided an exciting opportunity for them to engage and to display what they know best, and to showcase their knowledge and skills to industry,” he said.

Inaugural RAK CIS IAC (Industrial Advisory Committee -1

Inaugural RAK CIS IAC (Industrial Advisory Committee -RKM 3

Inaugural RAK CIS IAC (Industrial Advisory Committee -RKM 4

Inaugural RAK CIS IAC (Industrial Advisory Committee - 2

Inaugural RAK CIS IAC (Industrial Advisory Committee - RKM 1

Inaugural RAK CIS IAC (Industrial Advisory Committee - RKM 2

Inaugural RAK CIS IAC (Industrial Advisory Committee - RKM 3

Inaugural RAK CIS IAC (Industrial Advisory Committee - RKM 4

Inaugural RAK CIS IAC (Industrial Advisory Committee - RKM 5

Inaugural RAK CIS IAC (Industrial Advisory Committee - RKM 6