RAK Campuses Celebrates UAE’s 47th National Day with Wealth of Activities and Heritage Events

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The HCT- Ras Al Khaimah Men’s and Women’s campuses celebrated the UAE’s 47th National Day with a variety of heritage and amazing activities throughout the day, as the celebrations were filled with day-long activities, performances, poetry, and a best booth decoration competition for students.

Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, the Executive Director for RAK Campuses, welcomed students, faculty, and staff at the opening ceremony and congratulated all students and the RAK community on the occasion of UAE’s 47th National Day.

It was active day at the RAK campuses as the National Day celebrations coincide with young entrepreneur bazaar, run by HCT graduates.

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Several traditional activities around the campus took place. There were also traditional tents set up in the college where guests could view traditional artwork and handicrafts. There were also traditional wedding show, as well as freshly prepared traditional dishes

It is not only a happy day, it’s a great day for the seven Emirates and a moving celebration of the UAE’s wise leadership which was dedicated to maintaining the gains of this Union over the years.

Hend Al Salman, the organizer of the event, said that the main aim of such events is to promote students’ sense of patriotism and make use of such celebrations to enhance national interaction, as well as instilling intrinsic UAE values and traditions.

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The campuses were adorned with the UAE flag, which fluttered in several parts and corridors of the college as students and staff put on traditional clothes showing their love to this country.

The college also continued its celebrations of traditional events throughout the day, ensuring that the whole RAK community was able to enjoy and appreciate the rich Emirati culture and show their loyalty, support, and passion for the UAE.

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