Getting Work-Fit … DBW Hosts Work Placement Boot Camp

8 months

The Dubai Women’s Student Careers and Work Placement Team conducted a Work Placement Boot Camp from October 21-25, targeting Years 2-4 students who will be enrolled in Work Placement course this academic year.

Approximately 400 students, from the CIS/Business /Engineering/Applied Media programs, attended various work placement preparation sessions.
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The sessions (total 50/throughout the event) covered important topics which the students need to learn about before joining the employers such as: Work Placement Application Guidance, Mastering Interviews, Work Ethics: being an excellent employee, dealing with conflict at the workplace, CV and Cover Letter Writing Techniques, WP search strategies (choosing the right work placement employer), Mock Interviews, Create a LinkedIn Profile, and Create an application on HCT Mehnaty Job Portal.

In addition to the above mentioned sessions, the event included activities headed by Ms Susan Carter, General Studies Faculty, and her Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club Team members, including Year-4 Engineering students Salama Abduljabbar Almheiri, Eman Nabil Mohammed Al Shammar, and Shamma Khalid Mohammed Ali.

The activities focused the students on how to be a successful 21st Century skills employee, working in   groups and focusing on teamwork, developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills, adaptability and innovation. Power of Networking: through enhancing communication skills through collaboration and empathy to identify the strengths within all teams within the workplace, and how to create a career path through creativity addressing their future career goals and overcoming any obstacles preventing them from reaching and planning the path to successfully reach their future career goals.

The students were interactive and very engaged asking many questions such as Why should I do work placement? What is in it for me? Benefits and gains for students. Who can decide on my work placement? Recommendations for students on how to choose the right place for work experience.  Major factors that can affect the students’ decision and that they should take into consideration. What employers are expecting from students during the Work placement? Expected behaviors ad attitude.

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Former interns who completed their work placement in summer 2018, participated in the event, to share their success stories with the students, and to offer valuable tips.

The event included an Employer on Campus Event, represented by Axa Insurance, who highlighted the high demand to hire UAE Nationals in the private sector, and attracting the students to join the Insurance industry. DBW Alumni, Amna Al Sayegh, who works with Axa, is an HR graduate (2007 cohort) who shared her success story working in the private sector with our students inspiring them to complete their work placement in this dynamic Sector.

In conclusion, The Work Placement Boot Camp offered the students and future interns intensive learning experience teaching them how the industries work, the skills they need to be successful in their work placement, how to make the most out of the Work Placement, and how to change this opportunity into a real job opportunity.