‘Find Your Potential With Us’ @ SJW Business & Innovation Clubs’ Workshop

9 months

An uplifting workshop, entitled Find Your Potential With Us, was convened recently through the great collaboration of members and mentors of the HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) Business and Innovation Clubs, within the Faculty of Business, as well as the support of Student Life at SJW.

The purpose of this hands-on workshop was to bring students of these clubs together and find more about themselves, their potential as well as their ability to control technology. More specifically, its objectives were:

  • To increase students awareness about their self and their potential
  • To increase students awareness ofgames addiction
  • To motivate students in finding the right control over the technology

It was delivered through interesting and hands-onactivities prepared by the club mentors Dr. Roberta Fenech, Dr. Haya Al Shawwa. Dr. Mirjana Sejdini, Dr. Hasan Mustafa and Dr. Sergiy Spivakovskyy. The event ended with enjoying the food and students sharing their interesting experience.

This event was a success as it had a great student turnout and more importantly,all of the students participated and responded very well on all activities delivered throughout the workshop. Additionally, students’ feedback was very positive and apparently many students in the workshop wanted to join formally the clubs.