DBW’s Foundations Students Engage with Academia in Program Choice Day

8 months

The HCT – Dubai Women (DBW) Student Careers/Work Placement Team In collaboration with the Foundation Program recently organized a Program Choice Day for over 180 Foundation students. The event aimed to introduce students to the variety of majors offered at DBW for the AY 2018-2019.

Students were given the opportunity to take time to explore their interests, values, skills, personality and to see how they relate to different careers and occupational environments under each academic program.

A series of informative sessions were offered to the Foundation students by the Academic Programs throughout the months of September and October to raise their awareness of DBW’s program offerings.

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Each academic program highlighted the key features of their program majors, with the Division Chairs, faculty and senior students offering interactive sessions. The Foundation students engaged actively in open discussions to learn more about DBW academic programs’ offerings, and share the experiences and success stories of its current students.  In addition, the academic programs offered the students a tour to their labs and classrooms to visualize all aspects of their programs/majors.

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A career advising session, utilizing career coaching and self-assessment tools was conducted for students by Student Careers and Work Placement Team prior to the event. The goal was to ensure that the students come to the event well prepared to network with academic programs, collect information, and ask the right questions.  Enriching students’ knowledge about DBW academic program offerings and identifying the matching careers available in the UAE Labor Market should lead to a successful academic life and professional career.