Boys & Girls Go Head-to-Head at RAK Campuses’ CIS Competition

1 year

CIS Club members from the RAK Men’s campus (RKM) and the Women’s campus (RKW) set out to show which gender was the better at Computer Information Sciences, when they took part in an educational competition in the new ‘Innovation Center’ at RKW.

Twenty CIS students from the male and female campuses formed five teams that competed in five different subjects, being Networking, Security and forensics, OO Programming, Operating Systems and Database.

The competition was a very successful event, with the students enjoying it greatly and requested for it to be repeated next year.

The students were motivated to work and win. The RKM students won the Database and security subjects while, the RKW won the Networking, Object Oriented Programming and Operating systems subjects.

The participants reiterated the importance of this type of events during their study life in the colleges, which allowed them the opportunity to acquire multiple skills necessary for their future careers. Students received certificates for taking part in this competition and the winning teams received valuable gifts.

RAK Campuses Executive Director, Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, said: “The future is changing and CIS will play an important role in shaping our lives. Our students are encouraged to compete and discover the latest practices.”

CIS Copmetition 1

CIS Copmetition 2

CIS Copmetition 3

CIS Copmetition 4

CIS Copmetition 5

CIS Copmetition 8

CIS Copmetition 7