AAW Gets to the Nuts & Bolts of Blockchain Technology & its Future Use in the UAE

1 year

Blockchain is one of the most hyped and discussed technologies at the moment, which has attracted attention due to its novelty in enabling a shared distributed ledger among trusted parties.

With that in mind the Faculty of Computer Information Science (CIS) at the HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) organized a workshop about Blockchain technology on November 12, 2018, attended by about 40 students and faculty members.

Dr. Ali Rodan, AAW CIS faculty and certified IBM Blockchain Developer (Mastery Award), gave an enlightening presentation to the appreciated audience, and started out by introducing how Blockchain technology works and what are the main requirements for the use of Blockchain in business.

Moreover, he explained the key objectives and benefits of implementing a permissioned Blockchain by the UAE Government, where the UAE is currently beginning to implement its Blockchain strategy 2021 to enhance the efficiency of workflow among all public and private entities, using trusted and secure channels. Under this initiative, 50 per cent of government transactions will use Blockchain technology in the next three years, which will save millions of printed documents and work hours annually.

Dr. Yasir Javed, AAW CIS Chair, presented a token of appreciation to Dr. Ali and commented that the workshop was a great opportunity for AAW faculty, staff, and students to learn about this novel technology, as it will help them to gain insight information about its future, adaptation and benefits.

Dr. Yasir stated that professional development and training of students is one of the CIS Faculty’s main targets within HCT, so as to enhance students’ applied skills and knowledge.

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