AAW Celebrates 47th UAE National Day in Grand Style

1 year

The HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) celebrated the UAE’s 47 National Day with grandeur, joy and fun at a memorable celebration for students, staff, faculty and their families on November 26, 2018.

The celebration’s program started perfectly at 4pm with a rousing rendition of the UAE National Anthem, performed by a Military band.

Mrs. Hamsa Saleh Al Ammari, Executive Director of Al Ain Campuses, delivered an uplifting speech, where she said: “The second of December of each year is a milestone in the history of the UAE. It is this essence of history that has formed the cornerstone of development and growth of our beloved country. The second of December bears testimony to our pride, loyalty and patriotism towards our nation. The UAE has risen to the ranks of developed countries in an outstanding record of time.”

“My beloved students, the future is yours, and I wish everyone to reach your aspirations by contributing more towards national growth. Your achievements should be nothing short of the first rank in various fields of scientific and practical lives. This is what our wise leadership is looking for, only the first positions, being only the pioneers, and securing only the top ranks, May God protects our beloved UAE, and mercy all of those who sacrificed themselves, and martyred in order to defend this country,” she added.

“Congratulations to all of us; with a distinct union that grows stronger and stronger every year,” Mrs. Hamsa concluded.

Mrs. Hamsa’s inspiring speech was followed by a horse riding show and a traditional harbeya dance show, which had the large audience of AAW community entranced by the wonderful beats and rhythmic movements of the performers.

The campus organized a bazaar that gathered 20 small business managed by the AAW students. The businesses represented products like food, beverages, beauty and skin products, along with many creative and quality ideas, all themed on the lines of National Day. A traditional shop was opened along with its old unique doors, showcasing old products and equipment that were traded 20 to 30 years ago.

Kids had their share as well through a kids’ corner that included a traditional games and a whole range of fun, children’s entertainment.

The AAW SCA organized an activity that was really active and popular on the day, building a tent, called the “Banat Zayed Tent”. It was decorated traditionally with traditional food and drinks served on the spot. The tent also had Q&A competition whereby the audience were asked all kinds of UAE heritage related questions, along with attractive prizes for the winners.

A highlight of the celebrations was a beautifully organized outdoor photography exhibition, featuring the participation of four highly talented Emirati photographers. The exhibition was prominently located and was housed in a walk-through display featuring large white canvas walls, which served to highlight the beautiful images of UAE life. The work in setting up the exhibition, and its concept, were highly applauded by the many appreciative members of the AAW community and their families

The gallery, organized by the AAW photography club students and Miss Hind Al Ahbabi, AAW Marketing Senior Officer, displayed 22 wonderful photos of our beloved leaders, UAE buildings and UAE related traditions photos.

Hind Al Ahbabi commented: “The celebrations of our 47th National Day by the photography club students showcased a photo gallery exhibition that had so many artistic views. Photos were carefully selected from the best UAE photographers who were all graduates of HCT.”

“The photos in the exhibition were presented as if they were talking to the audience, telling them how UAE is being loved and praised by its people, both within and outside the country,” Hind added.

The National Day celebrations culminated with a traditional UAE dinner, accompanied by the backdrop of the wonderful Al Ain climate.

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