AAW Business Students Experience Suite Life with Visit to Al Ain 5-Star Hotel

9 months

HCT-Al Ain Women’s campus (AAW) Business students, studying Recruitment & Selection, were privileged to see their class theory in action when they visited the newly-built five-star Ayla Grand Hotel.

The main focus of the field trip was to expose students to the variety of selection tools employed in the hotel industry. The other learning objective was to explore the challenges faced by these organizations in recruiting foreign and local employees.

The tour started with a site visit of the various guest facilities and the core departments of the hotel. In addition to the hotel’s impressive facilities, the highlights of the trip were two interactive presentations by Mr. Santhosh Thomas, Cluster Training Manager, and Ms. Marjorie Javier, Assistant HR Manager.

The students were able to relate their theoretical knowledge to the real-world practice of recruitment and selection tools.  The various challenges in recruiting local and foreign workers with the particular examples were also included during the presentations.

Students were extremely thankful for the AAW Faculty of Business members for organizing such an event.  Dr. Manoor Khwaja, AAW Business Chair, commended the course faculty member, Mr. Rashid Ashraf, and Program Coordinator, Dr. Mani Chakraborty, for organizing such an event.

He commented that field trips are some of the best teaching and learning tools that allow students to see the application of theory into practice.

AAW Bus trip2