AAM Library Hosts Comics Workshops for Foundations Students

1 year

The HCT- Al Ain Men’s (AAM) Library ran a Comics Workshops for the Foundations students, hosted by artist Matt Smith who has a specialty in literacy-focused lessons, creating comics that are interactive and engaging.

Comics are growing in popularity, becoming the reading material of choice for many students, engaging reluctant readers and English language learners, and are an extremely popular and heavily borrowed item from the AAM library.

 The aim of the workshop was to demonstrate how sophisticated comics can be and how powerful a communication tool they can be for students who wish to improve their English writing.

“My core belief is you don’t need to be a great artist to make comics, so my lessons engage every student, regardless of artistic background,” Matt Smith said.

 In this interactive session the Foundations students learnt how to express themselves through the medium of drawings and short texts and then went on to create their own materials.