AAM Library Gets Innovative to Celebrate HCT’s 30th Anniversary

6 months

The Library and Learning Services at Al Ain Men’s College (AAM) hosted some activities with the Foundations classes to celebrate HCT’s 30th year anniversary.

First was the “30th Anniversary Puzzle” where students form teams to recreate the 30th Anniversary logo and solve the puzzle in the fastest time possible.   There are two version of the puzzle, the easy with 16 pieces and the difficult with 24 pieces.  Under the easy puzzle challenge, the winners are Khamis Rashed and Abdulla Mohammed who are both in Level 2 and completed the puzzle in just two (2) minutes.  For the difficult puzzle category, the winners are Saif Rashed, Mohammed Khaled and Abdulaziz Khalid who completed the challenge in eleven (11) minutes.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Winners for AAM 30th Anniversary Puzzle were:

  1. Khamis Rashed Almazrouie  H00365728 (easy)
  2. Abdulla Mohammed Alkaabi  H00365853 (easy)
  3. Saif Rashed Al Manei  H00365834 (difficult)
  4. Mohammed Khaled Almussabi  H00365743 (difficult)
  5. Abdulaziz Khalid Alshamsi  H00342383 (difficult)

Another Library activity for the 30th Year Anniversary was the ‘Find the 30’ Search.  Ten “throwback” photos of AAM were placed around the Library.  Students form a team to locate all ten photos and find the hidden 30 in each photograph.  The winners were:

  1. Zayed Yahya  H00392392
  2. Omar Mohammed Salem  H00384597
  3. Mansour Saeed Husain  H00392613
  4. Almunther Ali  H00384227
  5. Mohammed Juma  H00388920

Levels 1 and 2 Foundations students shared that they enjoyed the challenges and appreciated seeing the photos of the college, the staff and students from the past as it gave them an idea of how the HCT and AAM started and how it grew to what it is now.

They posed with selfie signs congratulating HCT and AAM for 30 years of excellence and keeping the promise of founding father, Sheikh Zayed, who is also celebrating his centennial anniversary, to provide the best quality of education for the youth of the UAE and to support the nation in developing future leaders and valuable citizens.

Winners were awarded special 30th Anniversary prizes by AAM Campus Support Manager, Fatima Al Ameri and their Foundations teachers.