AAM CIS Division Organizes Fall Research Day

1 year

The HCT- Al Ain Men’s (AAM) CIS Division organized a Research Day for the Fall 201810 semester, where the CIS students from various courses participated and displayed their poster and prototypes of their projects.

The students from the following courses designed posters and demonstrated prototypes of their class projects:

  1. Capstone Projects
  2. Advanced Switching
  3. System Analysis Design
  4. WAN Technologies
  5. Network Security
  6. Security and Risk Management

The event provided a platform for the CIS students to showcase their work and get feedback from the faculty and peers. It was also helpful for the new students to network with senior students and learn about new technologies.

Dr. Nasser Nassiri, Associate Dean CIS, provided valuable feedback to all teams who participated in the event.  He also appreciated the students’ innovative projects and for their displays.

Dr. Nasser and Dr. Ahmad Al Shami presented the appreciation certificates to all students who contributed to the research day and to the guest Dr. Yasser Alosefer Cyber Security and founder of www.TechCampus.com.