SJW Business Students Attend Integrated Management System Best Practices Forum

10 months

The American Society for Quality, in association with Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organized the ‘Integrated Management System Best Practices Forum’ at the Sharjah Chamber Headquarters in September, 2018.

HCT-Sharjah women’s campus (SJW) Faculty of Business member, Malini Nair who is an ASQ member, took the opportunity to escort a group of SJW Business Quality major students, to the event, so they could better understand the discipline of quality.

The forum started with a presentation on IMS Certification, Impelling Risk Management, by Mr.Shibu Davies, GM of TUV ME. This was followed by a panel discussion with industry experts on IMS Implementation, Challenges & Best Practices. It was a positive experience for the students, and for some, it was “an agreeable surprise”, with an opportunity to exchange and network, a learning experience, a source of knowledge and a revisit to the discipline of standards for some. All of them felt that they benefited—even those who were new to the course and had limited exposure to the quality philosophy and terms.

The forum welcomed industry experts, with whom the SJW  students were able to network. “I spoke with the experts who actually implement standards and have immense experience in their fields. This was very interesting and even gratifying,“ said Ahlam Mohamed, who is about to graduate next year.

Semester 7 student Zainah felt that the possibility to see them in person, to hear questions from and to them and to hear comments from experts, and ultimately, to discuss with them was an amazing experience for all the students. The group quality game played at the forum according to her was the highlight of the forum and she plans to conduct the same during the forthcoming club activities.


The format of the forum offered several possibilities and was even a source of discoveries for many. In their experience, students also highlighted that, the comfortable environment contributed to the satisfaction of the participating students. This helped in creating a forum of exchange and networking, and thus, it was perceived as “a human experience, promoting conversation, and exchange of ideas.” So, for the students, this amounted to “an emotional experience,” a “deeply human experience”, “a connecting moment” with peers, colleagues and experts.