SJW Applied Media Students Shine at Guangdong Star Design Competition 2018

2 years

Three Applied Media students from the HCT-Sharjah Women’s campus (SJW) are the toast of the campus after their innovative designs were selected at the Guangdong Star Design Competition 2018.

The winning students were:

Noura Abdalla Hassan – Third Place Winner in the Poster Design Category – Title: Bahar Aquarium Café

Khawla Nasser – Third Place Winner in the Illustration Category – Title: UAE Ghost Story

Bushra Attallah – Consolation Prize Winner in the Logo Design Category – Title: Candy Time

Noura commented, “I am happy to be a winner at this competition. It encourages me to participate in other competitions as well. Thank you Mr. Lim for giving us this opportunity.”

Henry Lim, the lecturer who encouraged the students to submit their designs was excited with the results and wishes the students all the very best in their future endeavors.

The Guangdong Star Design Competition has been organized by GUANGZHOU CREATIVE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, referred as [GCA]. GCA which began in 1983 is a non-profit organization that is registered under the Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs. It is run by various professional organizations and design experts from different fields like product developers, producers, product planner, brand packaging designers, exhibition organizers, software developers, film makers, television producers, animators, media organizers and publishers, etc.

This design competition is highly recognized by the China Design industry. It is divided into two categories: professional and student categories. A lot of students who have been awarded by this event eventually have better job opportunity after graduation.

The mission of GCA is to upgrade China’s creative industry to an international level in order to link the manufacturing industry with the design community through the platform of the association, so as to provide a competitive collaboration.

In order to enhance the national interests and safeguard the interests of its members, GCA plays a role as a bridge between the government institutions, private enterprises or individuals.   The goal is to sharpen and upgrade China’s productivity of digital industrial and use of creativity to promote the development of China with the world’s industries thus indirectly promoting the quality of human life.


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