SJM Foundations Students Benefit from Career Orientation Initiatives

1 year

The Foundations students at the HCT-Sharjah Men’s campus (SJM) benefited greatly from a range of interesting and important workshops, displays, ideas and experiential learning opportunities as they considered their future academic and career directions.

The learning centres included practical hands on workshops by the Faculties of Business, CIS, Engineering, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

At the beginning of the cycle, the students participated in the Career Coach Program, in which each student learned what kinds of jobs best suited his personality. For each of these visits, there was an introduction by the Foundations Head, Mr. Mokhtar Bourchak, in which he highlighted the importance of these events, followed by directions by a faculty member on how the event would unfold.

The main goal was to help Foundations students decide on their academic goals at HCT. In the past, these events proved to be a life changing experience for some students. If the learning centres in this cycle are like the ones in the previous cycles, more students will have a better idea of what they want to do in their future career.

Career oriented learning centre2

The Faculty of Business informed the students of the types of careers they could have in commerce. The Faculty of Engineering set up some displays of the types of equipment they use in the classroom. The Faculty of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) also visited the students. This was an important visit considering the need for male Emirati EMS staff throughout the country. They brought in equipment normally reserved for the EMS classroom.

For many students, these events are an eye-opening glimpse to the immediate road ahead in their academic studies at HCT, which in turn will lay the foundation of a successful future in their chosen career paths.

Career oriented learning centre4


Career oriented learning centre1


Career oriented learning centre3