RKW Students Venture to Syracuse University For UAE Ambassadors – Higher Education Students Program

1 year

The HCT-Ras Al-Khaimah Women’s campus nominated a handpicked group of students to represent the campus at the UAE Ambassadors Higher Education Students program for three weeks, held at Syracuse University, New York, USA.

The UAE Ministry of Education’s framework is keen to support and cultivate outstanding students of higher education in the 21st century through proactive measures and participation in highly prestigious programs, as the Ambassadors – Higher Education students.

The Ambassadors program is designed to aid students learn through various workshops on best practices in the fields of science, creativity and volition. In particular, the program consisted of scientific research methods and training tours to educational and innovation institutions specializing in science and entrepreneurship. In addition, the program established global alignment opportunities for RKW students to explore and exchange experiences between students from across the world.

The Ambassador Program opportunity, allowed students learn about the Syracuse University and its main fields of studies, history of the United States and its origin as well as the most positive and negative developments in the region including politics of the country. Also, students were familiarized with the local government policies and laws of Syracuse and the most important statistics and illustrating developments in the region since its inception.

Furthermore, students develop enhanced understanding in Advanced Political Sciences, in agreement with the Ministry of Education’s strategy for raising future leaders. One of the major highlights of the Ambassadors Program was the observation of trend of people returning to their homeland, to contribute in the development of their homeland and how to cooperate in order to develop the region around them.

The program was an excellent opportunity for students to study important strategic and scientific diagnostics of the world current events. In the framework of developments, the efficiency of students in the science of Artificial intelligence which is the new stage of development for the UAE government was addressed.