RKW Pre-Foundations Students Get a Slice of Learning with Pizza Field Trip

1 year

Nutrition and Health was a popular ILC topic for the Cycle 1, Pre-Foundations students where they are focused on the language of sequencing and the use of conjunctions.

Students practiced these language skills when making their own pizzas from scratch at the Al Hamra Branch of Pizza Express.

Prior to the trip students spent two weeks learning about portion sizes, food group values and were able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy foods in their ILC sessions. Besides learning about health and nutrition they studied about local restaurants and places to enjoy pizza. The students identified restaurants and takeaways near their homes and discussed eating out options with friends.

On the day of the field trip the students were excited to travel to the restaurant and become piazzaiolos (pizza chefs). On arrival the ladies were greeted by the specially trained “pizzaiolos” ready to show them the ropes.

First they learned how to knead the dough and made bases for their personal pizzas. While doing this they were treated to a special dough throwing spectacle by the head chef, who tossed, threw and even juggled the dough into perfect circles. Once the dough was ready they placed it into the baking trays and made sure they created a small crust around the edges.

Next came the “passata” students added a small amount of the delicious tomato sauce to their base. There was a delectable range of toppings from vegetables including, peppers, onion, olives, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms to meats like pepperoni, turkey beef and chicken. Finally the pizzas were topped off with mozzarella cheese and some oregano and placed into the oven.

While waiting for the pizzas to cook, CB the compere and teacher, taught the students about the different ingredients. Girls were able to answer questions about things learned in the ILC sessions and Aaesha was delighted to use her new vocabulary and sequencing phrases “first it is baked in the oven, then we remove it to serve”.

Once the pizzas were thoroughly baked they were brought to the table for the chefs to enjoy. A fun element to the trip was the best pizza competition, which Omaima and Shamma won together as they came in first. Their prize? A delicious hot chocolate fudge cake dessert. All received their “Piazziaolo Chef” certificates before coming back to college.

The students combined learning English with a fun, hands on and very tasty experience. They followed simple instructions, connected their research with the practical stages and aspects of pizza making, applied their language and research skills to a real life restaurant environment and most importantly had a lot of fun while making their own bespoke pizza lunch.