RKW CIS Students Show Their Brain Power at A.I. Competition

1 year

The CIS Club at the HCT-RAK Women’s campus (RKW) arranged an AI (Artificial Intelligence) competition seeking innovative breakthrough AI solutions from the participants.

The topic of challenge was “Resolve the waste management issues in the RAK campus canteen” and 30 students came up with a range of innovative and realistic ideas.

The event started by a very informative presentation by Mahra and Aisha who introduced the idea of Artificial Intelligence and to explain the competition for the participants. The participants were divided into groups and each group came up with an illustration of AI solution.

The participants showed brilliant ideas and collaborated to deliver them in the best possible way. The judging committee which was formed by 4 CIS faculty members decided the winners on teamwork, realistic and innovative ideas within the scope of the subject given. The winner of the completion will get the idea implemented with help from Dr. Akram.

Dr. Yahya Al Ansaari, RAK campuses Executive Director, joined the session and motivated students to participate in college’s activities and welcomed such initiatives that support the teaching and learning outcomes.

One of the members of judging panel said that the competition allowed students to think out of the box and work collaboratively which was evident in their work.

The organizers of the competition were CIS students: Aisha Al Khanbooli, Khulood, Mahra, Asma and Asma, who commented that the students enjoyed participating in such activity and were excited to show their ideas.

Aisha Al Khanbooli, one the of the organizers said that she is so motivated to arrange such events in the future and she was happy to see her friends participating and competing with each other to provide the best ideas.

CIS Artificial Intelligence Competition RKW 3

CIS Artificial Intelligence Competition RKW 4

CIS Artificial Intelligence Competition RKW 5