RKW CIS Club Organizes “Sherlock Holmes Competition”

2 years

CIS Club members at the HCT-RAK Women’s campus (RKW) organized a competition for the CIS-Security students entitled the “Sherlock Holmes Competition”.

The participants had to solve five different security tasks, such as computer hacking and revealing passwords.

The participating students were divided into three teams. Each team is composed of four members. Each team worked together as a group to solve the questions. The competition was really indecisive because the results were very close to each other, but eventually there was only one winning team.

The event was a success thanks to the student Mahra Mohammad Ali who prepared the tasks and questions with the help of Asma Mohammed, Aasha Hurooz , Halawa Ahmed, Mahra Mohammed , Fatima sultan, Shaikha mohammed , Fatema Husan, Maryam Saif and Aasha Rashid.

The winners of the competition were:

  • Shaikha Mohammed
  • Muna Alnaqbi
  • Mahra Mohammed Alnaqbi
  • Fatema Sultan

Many thanks to Dr. Khalid Samara the CIS Division chair (RKC) and Dr. Suleiman Almasri (Club president) who attended and supported the student event. Dr. Khalid promised to organize more events in this academic year as it helps the students to show their abilities and to use the skills they gained actively.

Dr Yahya Al Ansaari, Executive Director of RAK campuses, commented that “We encourage our students to compete in different problem-solving and creative-thinking events to stimulate their creativity.”


Sherlock Holmes CIS event RKW 1

Sherlock Holmes CIS event RKW 4